The importance of building inspections before buying a home

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It is crucial to have a building inspected before buying it. Every home purchase must go through a building inspection before the final settlement. It is by far the best way to determine whether or not it is worthy of the price or if you should purchase the property at all.

Every penny and dollar you invest into buying a house will go to waste if you don’t go through the process of building inspection before buying a home. Conducting a pre-sale building inspection is the best way to get value for money on the house you want to buy.

Here are a few reasons why buyers need to carry out building inspections before buying a home: 


Responsibilities of a Building Inspector

Building inspectors typically provide an overall report of the property’s condition. They adhere to strict criteria and are well-versed in what to search for and how it could affect your future standard of living in the property. They can inform you if there is a bug or mice infestation under the floors or if it would be a good idea to add a new floor to the home. There are numerous reasons to have a professional inspect the property before signing the papers, but the following are the most important:


Building Inspectors Can See Flaws You Can’t See

It's natural to get carried away while looking at a house, wondering about where the furniture would go and which room needs to be the study. A building inspector is aware of the small features that might easily be overlooked by the inexperienced eye. Are there signs of increasing mould or fungus? Is the roof crumbling under the weight? Is there any movement in the walls causing cracks? These are all flaws that may go unnoticed during a regular walk-through, but they can make all the difference when it comes to making one of your most significant financial decisions.


They Can Assist You in Budgeting for Future Expenses

While not everything found during a building inspection will need to be fixed, the report can indicate major repairs or costs that may be necessary in the future, which may influence your choice to buy the home. You can budget for these costs and possibly factor them into how much money you need to borrow if you know you'll have to have the entire house restumped in a few years or that the energy rating will triple your power bills.


You May Be in a Stronger Negotiating Position

A building inspection report has the ability to boost your bargaining control during a private transaction, which is often ignored. Your position of strength at the negotiation table will be well-founded if you know what structural concerns the house has and can back it up with an official report, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Following the reading of your report, you will be able to make an up-to-date choice about whether you want to buy your new house, negotiate a better price, or find something more suited.


Final Thoughts

When you think you've found your dream house and want to make an offer to secure it, it's easy to go in with all guns blazing. However, having a professional to take a closer look at the structure may be worthwhile, so you can be sure you're not overlooking issues down the road and won't have to pay for pricey repairs that should have been the seller's responsibility.

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