Why Should I Get Pest Control Once a Year for My Home?

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A well-maintained and clean home is always pest-free, right? Wrong!

Pests can be part of homes for several reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the home’s upkeep. Some pests can be very obvious while others can stay hidden for generations which is why you should get pest control once a year for your home.

But there are many more reasons. Let’s look at why you should get pest control once a year for your home.


Pests Can Affect Your Health

Pests can often be a reason for several types of infections and diseases. Many common household pests, such as ticks and rodents, may be carriers of dangerous diseases that can infect humans. Since you cannot figure out whether your pest is carrying a disease or not, the best way to protect your family and your home is to go for regular pest control.


Pests Can Cause Unseen Damage to Your Home

You should ensure that you get pest control at least once a year as pests can cause unseen damage to your home. You may not be aware but it is possible for a mice to hide within the roof and damage the infrastructure of your home. It is also possible that the spiders in your yard may build a web on your home’s fence and impact the appearance and appeal of your yard.

Moreover, there might also be ant and termite nests that can continue to cause damage to your home and the damage can go unnoticed. Hence, it is best to get pest control once a year so you can reduce the risk of unseen damage to your home.


Helps Protect Perishable Items in Home

Getting pest control once a year is significant for homes because it serves as a measure to protect perishable items particularly in the kitchen. Since you store your food and many other perishable items in the kitchen, imagine what would happen if there are cockroaches in your home. In that case, protecting your family's health would be your priority, but you wouldn't undo the damage that has already been done.

Therefore, it’s best that you don't wait until it's too late to get rid of the invaders, as it can cost you your family’s health and get pest control every year.


Keeps out the bugs, spiders and ‘creepy crawlies’

Most people get pest control simply because of the fear of creepy crawlies and nasty spiders. This is especially true for white tails here in Australia. A proper pest control service should ensure you will not see any spiders in your home for a year. If you do happen to see one, it will be a dead one in which the pest control has done its job.

Not only keeping spiders away from the house, this is also true for most areas in the front and backyard of your home. Your pest control should be also sprayed around your fence line and the permitter of your homes building. This will keep out most spiders. If you see a lot of spider webs on your fence, pest control once a year will see these gone!


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